IQ Plus AG in brief

The company

IQ PLUS AG is specialised in providing the services of IT professionals and IT teams. A need for such services becomes apparent when there is a shortage of in-house specialists or a lack of expertise.

The concept

From our pool of specialists that has grown over a period of more than 25 years, we select those people who have the required knowledge, experience and personal qualifications for the job. The assignment is of a limited period for the client; the IT professional is under contract with IQ PLUS.

Our promise to you

With our sophisticated selection process, personal evaluations and monitoring support throughout the assignment, IQ PLUS can guarantee you the best-qualified IT professional for each project. We are able to narrow down our selections from a total of 150 competencies in five key fields:

Project Management and Consulting / Software Development and Testing / System Engineering and Administration / Support and Training / SAP

How you benefit

With IQ PLUS, you can solve problems of a conceptual, organisational or operational nature. IQ PLUS specialists enable you to fill temporary staff gaps, ease work overloads, meet project aims and implement applications – and save time on searching and administration. IQ PLUS takes care of all employment legalities, social insurance and payroll accounting.

Your added value

You can meet and select yourself the professionals that IQ PLUS recommends. Bringing proven experience, our technicians require little introduction to the job.

Internal expertise stays within the company while new expertise is passed on to your IT team.

You limit your employment costs to the specific assignment period and maintain full flexibility.

Our services

The services of the IQ PLUS companies are suited to mid-sized and large service enterprises (banks, insurance companies, trading companies, telecommunications), industry, local government and to SMEs.

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