Mission statement

IQ Plus AG is specialised in supplying its clients with the services of IT professionals on demand.

Independent and objective
IQ PLUS is independent both financially and in terms of personnel. This means that IQ PLUS can work for companies of all business sectors and in all IT areas independently and objectively.

We are convinced that only satisfied clients can form the basis for sustained business success. To achieve this, the company must uphold a culture of transparency, flexibility and willingness to learn. All IQ PLUS staff approach our clients with a positive attitude and their full commitment. Within the company itself, we believe in cultivating a team spirit without hierarchies and where an open exchange of information is maintained.

Flexible and high quality standards
We focus on using our services to achieving targeted results for our client projects. Our aim is to supply our clients with IT specialists who are best suited to the job specifications in demand.

In doing so, we focus on the need to make the process fast and efficient for the client and to find an IT worker with the required level of technical expertise and social competence at the same time.

We only make promises that we can keep, we make no compromises in terms of quality standards and communicate our position clearly and openly.

Openness and fairness to external IT professionals
We only recommend IT professionals whose qualifications we have documented and whom we have met in personal interviews.

The working relationship we have with the IT workers we deploy is based on trust and fairness. We endeavour to objectively assess and deploy each IT worker according to their qualifications and abilities. All the staff data that we capture is used purely for our internal selection process and for interviews with clients. Each IT worker has access to the data and assessments.

What we ask of ourselves
IQ PLUS aims to reach the top-ten list of the most successful service providers in its sector and to be ranked by clients and external staff as one of the three best-quality suppliers.

Our core competencies are represented by our mastery of all processes required; and not only those based on one sector, technology, product, region or offering.

It is only with a targeted focus and a dedication to quality that we can meet the high expectations we set ourselves. In order to achieve these and to constantly go the extra mile is not only a question of good leadership but also of self-will.

In order that we remain independent and stable, and attractive and efficient in the eyes of our staff and clients, we strive to achieve sustained growth somewhat higher than the industry average. This has to be self-financed and at the same time achieved with appropriate economic viability. Growth cannot be paid for with high entrepreneurial risks and the company’s premise is to aim to generate an annual profit.

IQ PLUS encourages young and talented innovators in their sales and entrepreneurial activities. They are given trust and responsibility. Our culture of dialogue enables each of them to learn, to develop as a person and to bring their diverse talents to fruit. In return, we ask for above-average performance, loyalty and a high degree of team integration.