Adapting IT to the needs of large enterprises the flexible way:

At the moment everything is running well. But who’s going to lead the new project? And the SAP team desperately needs back up.

It is your responsibility to keep the IT division fit and ready to meet current and future challenges. It is up to you to recognise developments and evaluate, adapt and test hard and software. And then, when everything works, to introduce it smoothly into the business environment.

This can lead to significant workload problems for the IT team; for the speed at which the IT business is changing is demonstrated by the fact that the professionals in our pool offer around 150 different competencies. And this figure changes constantly since each new generation of hardware or program and every new innovation demands new and different skills.

With IQ Plus specialists on demand, you can solve your problems and gain added value at the same time:

You are assigned professionals with the desired skills and experience from similar projects on a short or long term basis.

You can personally meet and select the specialists, all with standardised dossiers, whom IQ PLUS recommends.

The training period is short thanks to proven experience of the operating systems, network architectures, program languages, software etc.

Internal expertise stays within your organisation and new expertise is passed on to your IT team.

You waste no time with searching and administration. IQ PLUS handles the employment legalities, work permits, social insurances and payroll accounting.

Your personnel costs are limited to the actual phase of the assignment. More flexibility is gained with a framework agreement.

IQ PLUS supervises the assignment by monitoring work and costs in order to ensure good results.