Flexible IT resources management with specialists on demand

First insourcing was out. And now outsourcing too. Which is why we recommend flexsourcing.

When strategically well placed, IT opens up new chances for greater production and competitive advantage. The development of key technologies, intelligent software, global networking and rival competitors all contribute to making IT a strategic factor that no company can do without.

As an IT resource manager, you watch the markets, see developments in advance and think long-term; at the same time you have to act quickly and seize initiatives. It is good to know that IQ PLUS can provide you with an apparatus that gives you a range of options for managing your IT personnel in a solution-oriented, sound economic and flexible way.

You can ask for IT professionals with special skills, adapt staffing levels to current projects, build complete teams, accelerate developments, transfer expertise and reach milestones.

The IQ PLUS specialists register groups the IT professionals into five specialist areas: Project Management and Consulting, Software Development and Testing, System Engineering and Administration, Support and Training, SAP. With further fine-tuning to a total of 150 various competencies, together we can cover all conceivable IT functions.