The ongoing problem with IT and SMEs:

Your new B-to-B platform should have been online ages ago but your IT team has always got more urgent things to do.

For many SMEs, IT is not a core area but a means to an end. For this reason, IT teams are set up that offer just enough to meet current support needs; but for new projects, specialists and expertise are lacking.

What can be done? Outsource your IT? Then you are totally dependent on external staff. Hire more people? But that can be expensive.

IQ Plus provides a neat and sustainable answer to every IT problem.

We present you with the specialists you need for the job having first agreed with you what you actually require:

Do you need to fill temporary vacancies in your current operations? Do you require additional staff for a limited period to cover foreseeable work overloads?

Do you need to optimise the development and management of your IT unit?

Do you have to expand your IT team to cover new projects and business processes?

No searching. No administration. costs are limited to the specific period of assignment.

Small and mid-sized enterprises appreciate our support in defining the job profile. With constant changes in IT competencies, this can often be compared to finding a needle hidden in a haystack.

We ensure that an external specialist not only brings the required knowledge but also experience when necessary from a similar project; the right dose of assertiveness for project management; or appropriate leadership skills for motivating your staff.

Because the external specialists are under contract with IQ PLUS during their assignment on your premises, we handle all the relevant employment legalities. Costs only arise for the specific period of work that is determined on the basis of work reports.