The candidates dossier assists our decision:

We only recommend IT professionals who we know are entirely capable of the job.

By «matching», we find those specialists in our pool who meet the very specifications required. The closer the match between the requirements and candidate profile, the greater is the chance of a successful partnership. Which is why we go the extra mile when selecting candidates – beyond the data bank matching process:

When recommending a selected professional, our IQ PLUS consultants draw on their experience and feeling gained from the personal interviews. With key positions in particular, where teamwork, motivation and communication are essential, this assessment process proves itself to be a superior quality feature.

You receive a dossier that highlights the candidates skills that are relevant for your job

When we have found the right candidate, we produce a standardised dossier. The relevant key information referring to your job specifications are then highlighted for you: for example, the requisite technical competencies or the candidate’s project experience with details of completed projects, functions and activities.

Interview with the client. Monitoring of the assignment.

If the dossier meets the client’s expectations, we then meet at the client’s offices for an interview. The IQ PLUS consultant heads the discussion in order to ensure that the client’s expectations and the professional’s skills genuinely match up. If a deal is signed, the IQ PLUS consultant stays in close contact with both the client and IT worker during the assignment period. When the assignment has been completed, the client and the IT worker are asked for feedback which is entered into our data pool.