How a typical assignment with IQ Plus is run:

From the first contact to the efficient review, each step remains transparent for all those involved.

1 Contact/consultation:

The client requires additional staff and/or know-how for its IT unit and contacts IQ PLUS. Instant information is available.

Together, the IQ PLUS consultant and the client define the job specifications and the technical and personal qualities they are looking for in an IT professional, using the specialist register as a base. To follow up, framework conditions are determined: place, start, length, budget, aims etc.

2 Matching:

IQ PLUS searches its pool for those specialists who comprehensively match the job profile. If IQ PLUS doesn’t know the candidate closely enough, an interview is held in order to better assess the candidate’s qualifications.

3/4 Dossier/Interview:

IQ PLUS draws up a detailed dossier of the candidate for the client. If the client is potentially interested, a meeting is arranged between the client, candidate and an IQ PLUS consultant. This enables the client to gain a personal impression of the candidate. To round up, further information is exchanged to clarify everyone’s expectations and details of the job.

5 Assignment phase:

If an agreement is reached, the IT worker starts his assignment with the client. During this time, the IQ PLUS representative maintains contact with both sides by monitoring the assignment in order to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

IQ PLUS assumes all responsibility for staff costs and administrative work in connection with employment law and social insurance. IQ PLUS draws up an invoice based on the number of hours or days worked as stated in the work report which has also to be signed by the client.

6 Efficiency review/data maintenance:

At the end of the assignment, the IQ PLUS representative asks the client and the IT worker to report on their experience and to deliver an assessment. The IQ PLUS representative enters this feedback into the IT worker’s dossier and updates the data pool.