Information for IT professionals

Are you a qualified IT professional with sound training?
Do you have specialist expertise in IT architectures and methods?
Do you also have technical or business management qualifications (e.g. a university degree, product certification)?

Do you want to make more out of your professional and personal skills? And are you looking for a way wo make use of your competencies, initiative and the passion you have for your work? Then its time we talked.

IQ PLUS has been successful as a leading IT provider in Switzerland for over 20 years. Our clients are principally mid-sized and large enterprises to which we lease IT professionals on demand for work on project development, in the following five service categories:

  • Project Management/ Consulting
  • Software Development/Testing
  • System Engineering/Administration
  • Support/Training
  • SAP®

The projects come from all IT-oriented sectors such as banking, insurance, telecommunications, services, trade, tourism, industry, public administration and local authorities.

We are committed to taking great care over which IT professional(s) we select for each individual project. We only assign IT workers whose professional and personal skills match the project profile exactly and whom we have assessed in a personal meeting. The result is a high success rate since successful projects means both satisfied clients and work that is motivating for you.

In IQ PLUS, you have a partner who can offer you work on a project that is chosen to match your skills: alone or in a team, mid to long term, full of variety and challenges. And all this at some of the most renowned companies in Switzerland.

Please come and discuss the possibility of working with us – and let us enter you in our IQ PLUS data bank in order that your specific qualifications can be assessed for open project positions.